My name is Rachel, but you already know that by this point — so here’s some information about me you might not know yet:

I was born in Rio but grew up in Brasília, where I spent most of my time indoors watching anime and learning questionable things on the internet.

Eventually I got my bachelor’s in Industrial Design at the University of Brasilia (UnB), after doing an 1-year exchange program in Printmaking (Fine Arts) at The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague, NL.

I then started my career as an independent designer and illustrator, and somehow my work got a lot of traction online. My series “Everyday Thoughts on Everyday Things” was one that got particular attention from all the other sad people on the internet, and was featured on several publications and exhibitions around the world. 

In 2017, I fulfilled my canon event as a graphic designer and moved to Brooklyn, NYC. There I joined the team at Sagmeister&Walsh — which later became &Walsh — where I did art direction, branding, illustration, copywriting, strategy and a wide range of weirdness in general for about 4 years.

In early 2021 I took the job at Nike and flew one-way across the country to Portland, Oregon, where I live to this day. Currently I am a Lead Designer in Nike Global Accessories, running branding, storytelling and graphics for bags, headwear, socks and other fun things.

In case you’re wondering, in my free time you will find me listening to music, eating cheese, and mostly trying to stop my cat Rambo from destroying my plant collection. 

Below you will find a more detailed work profile, if that’s your thing. Please reach out for my full resume, portfolio, or any other inquiries.