Nike Festival Bags

Logo design, Product
Nike, 2023

Our Accessories Design team at Nike was briefed to create a collection of three Festival bags for the Summer of 2023. As a music-lover and festival goer myself, I jumped at the opportunity to explore one of the visual aesthetics I enjoy the most: late 90s/00s clubber style.

In order to appeal to a wider range of consumers, I figured we could leverage two co-existing, but contrasting sides of a music festival: day and night. 

While the sun is out, festival goers will generally opt for bright colored outfits that visually translate the collective joy of listening to music and making connections. Whereas in the dark of the night, ravers will camouflage themselves in the low light while doing tricks with light-up gadgets and neon accessories.

The Nike logo on the front panel goes headfirst onto 90’s nostalgia, with its futuristic shapes and silicon composition.

Inside of all bags hides a surprise paper label that invites all athletes* to the Nike dance floor and can actually be torn off just like an actual rave ticket.

Project developed with the Nike Global Accessories Team.